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Smart Keys, Remote Head & Flip Keys, and Standard Key Fobs are the three categories in which we price key fobs. Below are our current price categories.

Want to know what your key fobs are worth before sending them in?

How We Determine Price

At Sell Your Key, you’ll always get a competitive price for your old car key fobs. To make it easy for you, we’ve come up with a formula to give you the best price when you sell us your keys.

Our pricing model is based on many factors, including:

  1. Supply & Demand – Keys that are in short supply and have a high demand will get you a higher price. On the other hand, keys that are overstocked or much more common will bring you a lower price.
  2. Year of Vehicle – In general the newer the vehicle, the higher the value, so the more you are paid.
  3. Style of Key – We classify our keys into 3 categories:
    • Smart Keys (most valuable)
    • Remote Head & Flip Keys (2nd most valuable)
    • Standard Key Fobs (3rd most valuable)

We combine this information (along with the condition of the keys) to pay you a fair price… and we make it quick and easy!

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